Disaster Recovery

disaster-recovery-01.jpgWhen every moment is critical to saving lives and property, Rabalais can mobilize immediately to help manage your recovery from natural and weather-related disasters that cause catastrophic equipment failure.

Guided by Rabalais' senior management, the company’s specialized disaster recovery team can provide generators capable of providing the required power necessary to keep client’s facilities functioning during the repair or rebuild process.

Disaster recovery in action

disaster-recovery-02.jpgDuring Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita, two of the most damaging storms to ever hit the Gulf Coast, Rabalais' disaster recovery teams were immediately deployed to get clients back online.

From repairing electrical damage to instrumentation to precise instrument calibration and startup, Rabalais' professionals assessed critical issues and restored power and service as quickly as possible.

Additionally, Rabalais' teams have rebuilt and restored multiple refineries, power plants, chemical plants, and other commercial facilities due to flooding, fire, hurricanes, tornados, and other disasters.

With strategic office locations in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, Rabalais has the ability to mobilize manpower and equipment quickly and effectively.

Rabalais also has top-of-the-line tools such as motor analyzers, hi-pot machines, meggers, cable pulling equipment, and instrumentation calibration devices readily available.

Be prepared in every situation—even ones that require disaster recovery. Contact us today.